2021 3rd International Forum on Geoscience and Oceanography (IFGO 2021)
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※ General Conference Chair

Muhammad BILAL 116-160.jpg

Prof. Muhammad Bilal

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China


Prof. Shiqi Huang

Xi`an University of Posts & Telecommunications, China

※ Organizing Committees


Prof. Keren Dai

Chengdu University of Technology

Research Area:

Time series InSAR; Landslides early detection; City subsidence monitoring; Geohazard reduction

Prof. Yonggui Wang 80-104.jpg

Prof. Yonggui Wang

China University of Geoscience, China

Research Area:

Water Environment Modeling, GIS, Artificial Intelligence


A. Prof. Jing Fang

Tianjin Normal University, China

Research Area:

Micropaleontology, Coastal Zone and Quaternary Geological Environment

Fung-Chi Ko.jpg

Prof. Fung-Chi Ko

National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan

Research Area:

Trace environmental analysis of persistent pollutants, Biogeochemical cycles of environmental pollutants, Bioaccumulation and biomagnification of persistent organic contaminants, Ecotoxicology, Microplastic contaminants, Marine, estuarine and coral reef ecology, Marine biodiversity


Prof. Xihua Chu

Wuhan University, China

Research Area:

Geomechanics, Mechanics of granular materials


shuo wang.png

Prof. Shuo Wang

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Research Area:

Hydrology and Climate Change


Li Liang (Senior Engineer)

The Third Engineering Academy of Surveying and Mapping in Sichuan Province, China

Research Area:

Intelligent interpretation of remote sensing imagery


Prof. Shanzhong Qi

Shandong Normal University, China

Research Area:

Environmental hazards (Natural/Man-made); Management of resources and environment

Dr. Mostafa Gandomi

University of Tehran, Iran

Research Area:

Tsunami modeling, Breakwater design, Reliability analysis and risk management, Artificial intelligence, Multi-objective optimization, machine learning

Dr. Xuefeng Xie

Zhejiang Normal University, China

Research Area:

Exploitation and Utilization of Coastal Zone Resources, Land Use and Its Environmental Effect


Dr. Liqiang Wang

Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

Research Area:

Economic Geology


Dr. Long Yuan

China Petroleum Logging Co., Ltd.

Research Area:

Geophysical well logging interpretation and comprehensive geological application

※ International Technical Program Committees

Dr. Jie Hui, Hohai University, China

Prof. Zebin Yu, Guangxi University, China

Prof. Panyue Zhang, Beijing Forestry University, China

Prof. Bachir Achour, University of Biskra, Algeria

Prof. Behnam, University of Tabriz, Iran

Prof. Yongmei Qian, Jilin Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, China

Prof. Dilinuer Talifu, Xinjiang University, China

Prof. Manlin Tan, Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen Training Center, China

Prof. Jun Li, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company, China

Prof. Luping Li, Changsha University of Science & Technology, China

Prof. Pingping Liu, Beijing Wuzi University, China

Prof. Yang-Ming Lu, National University of Tainan, Taiwan, China

Prof. Zhanfeng Dong, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China

Prof. Yonggui Wang, China University of Geoscience, China

Prof. Dongyun Du, South-central University For Nationalities, China

Prof. Hua Wang, China Coal Research Institute CCRI, China

Prof. Min Shi, East China University Of Science And Technology

Prof. Guoji Ding, Shanghai University

Prof. Ziwei Gao, Shaanxi Normal University

Prof. Peiyu Zhang, Qingdao University

Prof. Musen Li, Shandong University

Prof. Jianbo Cheng, Yantai University

Prof. Jiangtao Wang, Ocean University of China

Prof. Guodong Liu, Hebei University of Technology

Prof. Huisheng Zhuang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Ado Adamou Abba Ari,Mathematics and Computer Science,Cameroon